Vectronix Laser Rangefinders

Strohman Enterprise is pleased to carry laser rangefinders, thermal imagers, and accessories from Vectronix.

Laser Rangefinders

PLRF25C Laser Rangefinder – The newest generation of the Vectronix Pocket Laser Range Finder offers snipers/spotters, marksmen and forward observers, the smallest, most powerful MILSPEC Laser Range Finder available.

PLRF15C Laser Rangefinder – The PLRF15C is a “mini laser location and orientation tool” that gives you access to a wealth of data.

Thermal Imaging

Clip-on Thermal Imaging – Add battle proven thermal imaging capability to your NVG.
$6800.00 and up.


Accessories – For optimum performance, team your Vectronics gear up with Vectronix accessories.
$32.00 and up.