Tactical Electronics EOD Gear

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Long Pole Search System

Redesigned from user feedback, the LPSS3 provides wireless video surveillance and observation of subjects at significant heights and distances. The LPSS3 features a 20ft collapsible extension pole, a flexible neck camera head surrounded by eight IR LEDs, and an internal DVR for video recording. The rigid extension pole provides greater stability when the system is deployed. The main housing is conveniently stored inside the collapsed pole for timely stowaway.

Available as a bundle with Wrist Mounted Monitor or separately.

Tactical Electronics Long Pole Search System

Long Pole Search System

Item #TacEl-LPSS3: $5200.00 – System only.

Item #TacEl-LPSS3-WMM: $6900.00 – With wrist-mounted monitor.

Thermo Vision Pole Camera (Micron)

Add true thermo-vision capability to your surveillance operations. While our standard Long Pole Search System uses infrared LEDs to illuminate scenes with low ambient light situations, thermo-vision lets you actually “see” in total darkness by sensing and imaging heat given off by objects that are warmer than their surroundings, such as humans, animals, many kinds of machinery in operation, etc.

Tactical Electronics Thermo Vision Pole Camera

Thermo Vision Pole Camera

Item #TacEl-PCTVM: $9600.00.

Wrist Worn Monitors

The Tactical Electronics WMM Wrist Mounted Monitor provides the operator with a high resolution 3.0 inch screen mounted to the arm for hands free operation. The WMM is available in versions to display real-time transmitted video from four separate Tactical Electronics camera systems, or from two video channels transmitted by a separate Tactical Electronics Under Door Camera system.

Tactical Electronics Wrist Mounted Monitor

Wrist Mounted Monitor

Item #TacEl-WMM: $1900.00 – 4 channels.

Item #TacEl-UDC-2C-TOGMON: $1900.00 – for UDC; 2 channels.

Optic Fiberscope

The Tactical Electronics Optic Fiberscope is a precision Fiber Optic Inspection Tool utilizing a 6mm, two-way, 120 degree articulating probe for inspection of enclosed objects. The non-conductive tip makes the unit suitable for inspection of volatile liquids.

We carry the FSNET Optic Fiberscope in 1 meter length. Contact us if you need the 2 meter version.

Tactical Electronics Optic Fiberscope

Optic Fiberscope

Item #TacEl-FS1NET: $6400.00.


The TE Remote In-extremis Pull Line offers SOF EOD operations a lightweight easy to deploy hook-and-line system. The RIP includes interchangeable vise grabber, cutter and collapsible hook with 100' of 7/64" Amsteel line.

Tactical Electronics RIP Kit


Item #TacEl-RIP-KIT-TN: $245.00 – Tan.

Item #TacEl-RIP-KIT-BK: $245.00 – Black.

Item #TacEl-RIP-KIT-OL: $245.00 – Olive.

Lithium Ion Light Access Kit

Power up your lighting gear for EOD, training, or any other purpose.

Lithium Ion Light Access Kit

Item #TacEl-LAK: $3415.00.

TIK Foam Insert

Precision-cut foam inserts to modify your Tactical Inspection Kit’s case to fit the upgraded kit complement.

Tactical Electronics TIK Foam Insert

TIK Foam Insert

Item #TacEl-FOAM-INSERTS: $105.00.

Tripwire Probe

Essential tool for locating trip wires.

Tripwire Probe

Item #TacEl-TE6BT: $30.00.