Aviation GPS

To order these items, please contact Strohman Enterprise directly at joe@sedirect.net.

Personal avionics

Personal avionics system – A pro-style GPS flight navigation aid designed for civil aviation.

Item #Str-696NVGK: $5512.25.

GPS antennas

The antenna is where signals from the constellation of GPS satellites enter your navigation system. Be sure that system is receiving the strongest, cleanest signal possible.

Ruggedized L1 / L2 GPS Passive Antenna – The compact aerodynamic design makes the L1L2-2GP suitable for harsh environments and long-term operations. The spherical compounded radius-molded radome made of high-grade polymer. The design prevents ice/snow buildup, protects antenna from UV, rain and lightning strikes, chemical and jet fuels.

Item #Str-L1L2-S2GP: $511.00.

GPS signal path

Incoming GPS signals can be amplified, split, or retransmitted.

GPS Amplifier/Repeater for Hangar Application – The GLI-METRO RK is a complete GPS amplifier system that includes: GLI-METRO, active antenna, passive antenna, swivel mount, pole mount, surge suppressor and cabling.

Item #Str-GLI-HM1: $2900.00.

Next Generation Primary System LRU for GPS Retransmission – Provides wireless or wired signal to all GPS enabled sub-systems. Based on state of the art technology developed for permanent GPS

Item #Str-GLI-Echo-II: $2440.00.

1×2 Standard GPS Splitter – A GPS splitter, or power divider, allows a single GPS antenna to be shared between multiple GPS receivers. Standard housing, TNC female connectors.

Item #Str-S12-TF: $275.00.


Strohman Enterprise carries cabling that’s ready for the most demanding tasks and the harshest environments.

PM-HMMWV – Power cable, right angle to terminal lugs.

Item #Str-PM-HMMWV: $200.00.

C58-2.5-TM-S – Coax cable, straight TNC to right angle TNC, 2.5 feet.

Item #Str-C58-2.5-TM-S: $45.00.

C58-25-TM-SM – Coax cable, straight TNC to straight SMA, 25 feet.

Item #Str-C58-25-TM-SM: $42.50.