Garmin Hand-held Touchscreen GPS


Garmin Monterra

Monterra – Monterra is a full-featured Wi-Fi® enabled GPS navigator that combines Garmin’s powerful mapping with the versatility of the Android operating system. Get Android apps for Monterra on Google Play.

Montana series

Garmin Montana 650t

Montana 650t – The top model in the Montana line adds preloaded US topographic maps to the Montana 650’s feature list.

Garmin Montana 650

Montana 650 – Does everything the Montana 600 does, and adds a 5-megapixel camera to document where you’ve been.

Garmin Montana 600t Camo

Montana 600t Camo – Adds pre-loaded U.S. Topo 100k maps to the Montana 600’s feature list, plus a natural-look camo housing finish.

Garmin Montana 600

Montana 600 – 3-axis tilt-compensated compass, barometric altimeter, wireless data sharing, microSD™ slot, BirdsEye Satellite Imagery, and more.

Oregon series

Garmin Oregon 650t

Oregon 650t – The best in the line, Oregon 650t has all the features of the 650 and then some.

Garmin Oregon 650

Oregon 650 – Compact yet tough, the Oregon 650 gives you reliable GPS navigation, ABC sensors, pre-loaded worldwide topo basemap, a built-in camera and flashlight, dual battery system, and more.

Garmin Oregon 600t

Oregon 600t – A bright, clear screen, rugged construction, ABC sensors (altimeter/barometer and compass), dual battery system, and pre-loaded topographic base map make Oregon 600t a great companion on the trail.

Garmin Oregon 600

Oregon 600 – With high-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS satellite tracking, worldwide basemap with shaded relief and customizable buttons for 1-touch waypoint marking, Oregon 600 opens a new world of GPS mapping and positioning.