Garmin GPS and more

Strohman Enterprise is an authorized Garmin dealer. We carry the entire Aimpoint product line, and our Website has full information on most items.

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Garmin AviationGarmin Aviation

Aviation – Garmin’s D2 is a pilot watch designed to be as sophisticated in style as it is in function.

Garmin Action video recordingGarmin Action video recording

Action video recording – The VIRB™ XE, X, and Elite HD video recorders keep the action so you can watch – or show – the amazing stuff you just did.

Garmin Wrist-worn GPSGarmin Wrist-worn GPS

Wrist-worn GPS – Compact, powerful fēnix and Foretrex wrist-worn GPS units keep you on track for sports, camping, and more.

Garmin GolfingGarmin Golfing

Golfing – Handheld and wrist-mounted Approach GPS are engineered specially for golfers and stuffed with course data.

Garmin Fitness trackingGarmin Fitness tracking

Fitness tracking – Garmin features a wide variety of fitness trackers in your choice of wristband or smartwatch styles.

Garmin Running and SwimmingGarmin Running and Swimming

Running and Swimming – The Forerunner line of wrist-worn GPS were designed for keeping track of your active life.

Garmin BicyclingGarmin Bicycling

Bicycling – The Edge series of miniature GPS units will give you a leg up on your bicycle, whether you’re training or touring.

Garmin MotorcyclingGarmin Motorcycling

Motorcycling – zūmo GPS navigators are built tough to get you where you’re going with minimum hassle.

Garmin TruckingGarmin Trucking

Trucking – More than just GPS navigators, these units contain special features that make pro truckers’ lives easier.

Garmin AutomotiveGarmin Automotive

Automotive – When you’re on the road, the best way to balance safety and quick travel is with a Garmin nüvi GPS navigator.

Garmin Recreational vehiclesGarmin Recreational vehicles

Recreational vehicles – Recreational vehicles need first-rate navigation. Garmin supplies features conceived with RV drivers’ needs in mind.

Garmin Vehicle camerasGarmin Vehicle cameras

Vehicle cameras – For safety and security, Garmin backup camera and Dash Cams cooperate with compatible Garmin automotive GPS units.

Garmin Hand-held touchscreenGarmin Hand-held touchscreen

Hand-held touchscreen – Big touchscreens provide these feature-packed GPS receivers with pre-loaded topographic maps and superbly clear graphics.

Garmin Traditional hand-held GPSGarmin Traditional hand-held GPS

Traditional hand-held GPS – Put the power of satellites in the palm of your hand. The basics and more, according to your needs.

Garmin GPS with two-way radioGarmin GPS with two-way radio

GPS with two-way radio – Find your way and keep in contact with GPS, FRS/GMRS two-way radio, and on some models, NOAA weather radio.

Garmin Dog trackingGarmin Dog tracking

Dog tracking – Keep track of sporting or working dogs with satellite accuracy and Web or mobile convenience.

Garmin BoatingGarmin Boating

Boating – Convenient, waterproof navigational aids for boaters, whether inland or coastal.