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Aimpoint LPI

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The Aimpoint® LPI, IR Laser Aiming Device is an active aiming device or target designator for military and law enforcement applications in darkness or poor light conditions.

Launched 2002.

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A complement based on long experience

The Aimpoint® LPI is designed as a complement to Aimpoint®s passive aiming systems.

Development was based on long experience in engineering and manufacturing lasers ranging from pistol to military infantry rifle applications. The LPI is designed to fit directly onto an Aimpoint red dot sight, with no special rail system required.

Lightweight, compact, and sturdy

This is a truly unique tool, lightweight, compact, and sturdy. It enhances red dot sight capability and meets the increasing demands on target lasers. The combination lets you select the best sight for any conditions.

Meets all military requirements

This is the smallest slim-line military IR laser aiming device available and it meets all military requirements.

Desired wavelength insert can be selected from a range of basic laser sources.

Insert can be adjusted in the X and Y axes independently of the red dot sight.


To make the product complete, a cable with switch and a mount interface must be determined by the user and ordered with the Aimpoint LPI.

4 different mounting solutions are available and the cable is offered at customized length.

Reinforced cable

The length (y in mm) of the reinforced cable with waterproof switch pad shall be measured as shown on the drawing below.

LPI Cable

General Data
Article number 10932
Technology Eyesafe, active infrared (only) aiming device